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STEMulating Conversations with Dr. Q

Aug 10, 2022

What does it mean to be a "cheerchemist"?  Are you a cheerleader?  Are you a chemist?  The answer to both question is YES.  This week's guest, Natalie LaFranzo, PhD, has used her talents for inspiring others since her college days of cheering sports events at Bradley Univesrity. 

She began to transfer her skill of cheering into championing after receiveing her PhD and became more active in the American Chemical Society.  She has held a range of leadership roles at all levels and is passionate about ensuring the chemical enterprse exeplifies the ACS core value of diversity,equity, inclusion, and respect.   Her most recent accomplishment of being elected to the Society's Board of Directors will empower her to be an even greater Champion of Chemistry for ALL!

Follow Natalie on Twitter: @CheerChemist

Connect on LinkedIn:  Natalie LaFranzo