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STEMulating Conversations with Dr. Q

Jun 10, 2020

When you understand the context, the content is easier to digest.  This is the guiding principle that will be used when we engage in STEMulating Conversations on the topics of diversity and inclusion,  particularly as it relates to Black Americans in society and the sciences.

Aug 22, 2018

Your LinkedIn profile is more than a resume with a picture.  Whether you are preparing to graduate and seeking your first job or you are an experienced professional who is now on the job market, LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to assist in your pursuit.  Elisse Wright Barnes, JD, PhD shares actionable tips on how to...

Feb 28, 2018

February is Black History Month but did you know it was also Growth Month? 

Jan 17, 2018

A Mississippian, an HBCU graduate, a PhD immunologist with postdoctoral training from an Ivy League institution, yet he sums up his journey beyond the bench with a simple phrase:  be good to the people around you; be good to the people you care about, but most importantly be good to yourself!

Dr. Caleph Wilson shares...

Oct 25, 2017

Dr. Amy Laster is a trained neuroscientist who utilizes her skills to assist other scientists in their research quest to fight blindness.  She shares her career path beyond the bench, as well as gives sage advice on what she has learned over the years about ensuring balance and the importance of ' keeping the...