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STEMulating Conversations with Dr. Q

Nov 29, 2017

If someone asks how can they help you, what would be your response?  You never know when this may happen, so if you stay ready, you will never have to get ready.



Nov 22, 2017

As we prepare to spread love and cheer to others in this season of giving, be sure that you make it a priority to Invest in You. 

Nov 15, 2017

Is your scientific identity determined by the number of experiments you run each day?  Do you somehow lose the ability to be a scientist when you choose to utilize your scientific training and skills outside a laboratory environment?  Today's guest, Dr. Lamont Terrell, is a trained PhD synthetic organic chemist who had...

Nov 8, 2017

Dr. Howard G. Adams is a mentoring guru. He is a leading expert on developing people through mentoring and strategic career/life planning. He has written, lectured, and consulted extensively on effective strategies for career, educational, and personal development. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and...

Nov 1, 2017

What is your WHY ME?   Are you experiencing a situation that seems like there is no way for you to possibly be successful?   Maybe you are ready to take that bold step towards your dream but just don’t know where to begin.  Do you ever find yourself observing the progression and success of others who are seemingly...