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STEMulating Conversations with Dr. Q

Aug 3, 2022

Representative Rev. Harold M. Love, Jr., PhD is a proud graduate of Tennessee State University (TSU), the only public Historically Black College or University in Tennessee.  In this episode we discuss his experiences attending an HBCU and the impact that it had on his personal and professional paths. 

In a full circle moment of giving back to his alma mater and continuing the legacy of his father, Rep. Love championed efforts that showed the State of Tennessee may have underfunded TSU by as much as $544 million in matching payments.  As a result, the university will receive $318 million in one-time capital funding for the 2023 fiscal year.

From painful losses to historic memorable moments, Rep. Love fondly describes his HBCU as a nurturing environment that enabled him to 'dream big dreams' and establish lifelong friendships.

To learn more about the Tennessee State University, an 1890 landgrant instituion visit the website  

To learn more about the underfunding of HBCUS over that past 30+ years, a Bloomberg produced the docustory Short Changed Black Colleges Fight for Equal Funding and Forbes wrote an article entitled For HBCUs Cheated Out of Billions, Bomb Threats Are The Latest Indignity